Biden Admin is Caught Lying About the COVID Vaccine


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On Thursday, CNN’s MJ Lee reported that the Biden administration claimed that it would have to “start from scratch” when rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccine was developed under Operation Warp Speed and began being distributed in December, both done under the Trump administration.

 Lee wrote in her story, “…in the immediate hours following Biden being sworn into office on Wednesday, sources with direct knowledge of the new administration’s Covid-related work told CNN one of the biggest shocks that the Biden team had to digest during the transition period was what they saw as a complete lack of a vaccine distribution strategy under former President Donald Trump, even weeks after multiple vaccines were approved for use in the United States.”

According to Lee, one source had said, “There is nothing for us to rework. We are going to have to build everything from scratch. ”Another source had told Lee that the Biden administration would have to start from “square one” and added that it was, “Wow, just further affirmation of complete incompetence.”

Who could those “sources” be, and why did they remain anonymous? If they were indeed telling the truth, why would they need to remain anonymous? Why not just go on the record?

The truth is, none of what the sources told Lee is actually true. The Trump administration had launched Operation Warp Speed and had vaccines being distributed in December, which was fast by any measure.

Not even CNN anchor Chris Cuomo could hold back from commenting on the story.

“Another thing that I don’t buy comes out of our reporting … that people in the administration say they’re starting from scratch with the vaccine. No, they’re not!” Cuomo exclaimed. “You have an infrastructure out there that you’re well aware of that has to be improved. But they shouldn’t get any benefit of a low bar here either. … Are they gonna scrap it, or are they going to build on it, make it better?”

Until now, Lee stands by her fraudulent story, with the headline still reading, “Biden inheriting nonexistent coronavirus vaccine distribution plan and must start ‘from scratch,’ sources say.”

And it’s only the third day since the Biden administration took office.

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