Battleground state to take legal action against Sidney Powell


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Michigan attorney general declared possible retribution against election lawyers, including Sidney Powell, for challenging the state’s election results in successive lawsuits. 


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According to The Detroit News, a staunch critic of the president, Attorney General Dana Nessel, said on Tuesday to sanction the election challengers and pursue courts’ costs for the election lawsuits.  

“On Nov. 25, six Michigan Republicans, represented in part by conservative attorney Sidney Powell, filed their lawsuit asking for ‘emergency relief,’ including a court order requiring Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to sign off on certified election results that state ‘President Donald Trump is the winner of the election,’” reported the outlet.

Nessel purportedly said the action and other suits included “intentional misrepresentations” of facts.

The attorney general’s office said in a statement obtained by WXYZ-TV that Nessel’s office considers seeking sanctions when appropriate. 

“Professional litigators should know better than to waste the court’s time with baseless arguments designed to mislead the public, and we will consider filing grievances against those who violated the rules of professional conduct all attorneys swear to abide by.”

Michigan was among the states which used a massive number of mail-in ballots in the general election. The state also reported a 40,000-ballot dump asserted in a lawsuit last month. 

Great Lakes Justice Center filed a lawsuit alleging massive election fraud in Wayne County, with Detroit City and Detroit Election Commission as defendants.

“The preservation of our form of government requires it to conduct its elections with accuracy and integrity, and Defendants’ fraudulent actions in the 2020 election were neither accurate nor based on integrity,” stated the suit.

Yet another batch of unsealed and unsecured ballots arrived in trays without envelopes after election officials announced receiving the last absentee ballots. Approximately 40,000 of the ballots were counted verbally, which apparently attributed only to Democratic candidates.

The state’s certified results show that Trump lost Michigan by 154,000 votes.

Powell’s lawsuit then sought a judge to overturn the election results, citing massive fraud. However, US District Judge Linda Parker threw out the case on December 7.

Parker refuted Powell’s lawsuit claiming, “Plaintiffs ask this Court to ignore the orderly statutory scheme established to challenge elections and to ignore the will of millions of voters. This the Court cannot, and will not, do. The people have spoken.”

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