Ballot Harvester Caught Exchanging Cash for Ballots


Image from YouTube video below.

Following the earlier exposed ballot-harvesting involving Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s allies, Project Veritas releases the second part with a more explosive footage.

Money was being exchanged for absentee ballots, as seen in the video footage.

The footage shows $200 is being exchanged for a ballot. Yet, according to Project Veritas, reports reveal that the ballots could be paid as high as $800! 


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“Nobody would say that Ilhan Omar isn’t part of this,” said Somali insider, Omar Jamal. He turned as the Chairman of the Somali Watchdog group. “Unless you’re from a different planet, but if you live in this universe, I think everybody knows it.”

Omar Jamal, first appeared in the exposé’spart 1. He called the alleged ballot harvesting as an “open secret” and revealed a vote-buying scheme organized by Rep. Omar’s allies.

Jamal implicated a senior Rep. Omar staffer, Ali Isse Gainey, as the mastermind of the vote-buying scheme.

“She’s [Ilhan Omar] the one who came up with all this [pay-for-vote],” said one source who added. “She’s [Ilhan Omar] the one, somehow. Nobody knew, but, yeah, this is something like new with Ilhan [Omar].”

Jamal Omar further said, “The techniques that he [Ali Isse] uses to exchange money for a vote — that’s not a secret. It’s, it’s open, and everybody knows about it,” he said. “$200, $300 per ballot received!”

In a video footage, also released by Project Veritas, a man was seen bragging about collected hundreds of mail-in ballots. Several of the absentee ballots are in his car’ Breitbart reported. The ballots were taken from the neighborhood of elderly Somali immigrants.

The man was identified as Liban Mohamed, a rabid supporter of Minnesota Rep. Omar.

Chief legal officer for Project Veritas, Jered Ede, said Mohamed and his accomplices might have violated federal and state election laws. The charges could carry a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and felony mail theft and bribery laws.

Corruption becomes rampant during an election, and vote-buying schemes always oppress the poor. Will we ever change?

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