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Sky News Australia – The New York Post’s Kelly Jane Torrance says within the media “they don’t want anything negative about Joe Biden out there”. Ms Torrance spoke to Sky News host Paul Murray about the latest revelations relating to US President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Leaked emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal how President Joe Biden relied on his son financially. In a report from New York Post journalist and Sky News Australia contributor Miranda Devine, the leaked emails showed Hunter lamenting about how much money he provided for his father and family. The New York Post famously recovered Hunter’s emails from a laptop found in a Delaware repair shop in October just one month out from the 2020 Presidential election. Ms Torrance said the story “is barely being covered here”. “Except by the New York Post”.

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Of course they won’t talk about it. They are so hard in on getting him selected. So they can’t say anything.

The media won’t report on anything that disrupts the narrative.

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  1. The Aussies need to keep their nose out of US business, You have enough of your own scandals, so JSTUF , the biden’s put out their own brand of negativity about them self’s. I’n sure he is really proud to have a dope addict 50 year old son that has be doing wrong for years, CORRUPT from birth. Like maybe big joe CORRUPT from birth, we all know pelosi was corrupt from birth, born into the Baltimore mob , and Andrew Cuomo, one might think he was born corrupt also. Catholic and born CORRUPT .


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