At Least 21K Dead People on Pennsylvania Voter Rolls Discovered


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According to an amended lawsuit on Thursday, at least 21,000 deceased were found on Pennsylvania voter rolls.


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Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a lawsuit on Thursday alleging that about 21,000 dead people are included in the state’s voter rolls. The lawsuit contends that Pennsylvania failed to “reasonably maintain” the voter’s registration records for the 2020 national election.

“As of October 7, 2020, more than 9,212 registrants have been dead for at least five years, more than 1,990 registrants have been dead for at least ten years, and no less than 197 registrants have been dead for at least twenty years,” the PILF lawsuit states.

Pennsylvania voter rolls still bear the names of at least 21,000 deceased individuals barely a month before “one of the most significant general elections for federal officeholders in many years,” the PILF lawsuit continues.

According to the lawsuit, roughly 92 percent of the identified number of dead people in the voter rolls passed away before October 2019. About 216 deceased individuals have voting credits after their dates of death were federally listed in 2016 and 2018. 

“This case is about ensuring that those deceased registrants are not receiving ballots,” J. Christian Adams, PILF President, said in a statement. 

“This case isn’t complicated.” Adams continued that the foundation has been offering specific data regarding deceased voter registrants to Pennsylvania to ensure proper handling. The offer was made in anticipation of the tight results on election day. 

Mail-in voting schemes require voter list maintenance, which could largely impact the results of the elections. Unnecessary recipients and nagging doubts about unreturned ballots could mess up the outcome. 

In May, the state’s election officials admittedly erroneously sent duplicate ballots to registered voters. 

Judicial Watch has also sued Pennsylvania for purportedly having 800,000 inactive users on the voter rolls. 

The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for Pennsylvania Middle District with case number 1:20-cv-01905.

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