As San Francisco Crumbles This Happens…


Image from video below…

The Next News Network – Joseph Curl from The Daily Wire reports, San Francisco residents have finally had it. Out-of-control crime and homelessness, with many openly injecting drugs on public streets, have prompted residents to begin thinking about moving out of the city, according to a new poll.

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San Francisco Nancy Pelosi and Newson’s city, both ( aunt and nephew) making money, wrong decisions, ignoring all the homelessness, invasion of illegal immigrants but had the gall to accuse everyone else for their incompetence.

Meanwhile the DA accuses citizens that are leaving are racist because they won’t stay and be victims of crime. Maybe the DA should take a walk through downtown in the middle of the night so she can practice what she preaches.

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  1. more chin music from the demo-communist, I wonder what they are going to say, when it all crashes in on them. OH PLEASE HAVE MERCY, or I WAS ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS. NOPE not this time.


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