Are We Now Living in China?


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After the riot in the US Capitol building last Wednesday during a Donald Trump “stop the steal” rally, Big tech companies have joined the leftists in the media and the government in their efforts to squash the Trump movement once and for all, reported the Federalist.


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Because of the riot, social media giants Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have banned President Trump from their respective platforms.

Most of the demonstrators who attended the January 6 rally were peaceful and were there to protest legitimate voter fraud claims. However, Google-owned YouTube doesn’t want the public to know that.

On Thursday, the video-sharing platform announced that it would be banning all videos about voter fraud in the 2020 election. On the same day, Shopify stripped all online stores for President Trump on its platform, including the Trump Organization and Trump’s affiliated campaign account.

After the riot among the Trump supporters in the Capitol, Facebook removed President Trump’s video calling for peace and the rule of law from its platform, claiming that it instigated the violence. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, the social media giant banned him.

According to the Federalists, our sad and disturbing reality is that one political party now has the power to control the narrative in all aspects of our lives — including school, work, social media, and the government. This is more like what it feels to be living under the Chinese Communist Party, not what it should feel like to be living in the United States of America.

The most troubling thing about this is the long-term impact that this will have on American children. The Generation Z or Zoomers, aged 13 to 21, might be one of the first generations to be more influenced by what they read on social media and the internet than what they hear from their parents.

The results of a Business Insider’s poll show that 59% of Zoomers listed social media as their top news source. While technology has made it easier for information to be accessible, it has also changed how the world works.

Americans used to support the right of people to hold and express opinions others disagree with. Yet the newest generation believes feelings are more valuable than freedom, wrote the Federalist. Studies have found that younger people are more supportive of limiting speech than the older generations.

America’s defining character of allowing free speech and expression is going extinct at the hands of Big tech and the Leftists controlling media and government.

The US Capitol riot is over, but the censorship that followed has created a dangerous precedent.

If nothing changes, life in America will feel more similar to life in China, less free and tolerant than the America that the older generations know and grew up in. That’s what the younger generations are heading towards now. Imagine how much worse things will be when today’s youths run the country.

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