AOC Gets Educated on What Justice Actually Looks Like


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AOC is back with another video, and this time, she wants to educate Americans on what justice actually is.


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On Blaze TV, lawyer Mark Levin exposed how AOC and the rest of the left are hypocrites hiding behind their lies and narratives.

“I want to just let you all know and create the affirmation that this isn’t justice,” AOC said while referring to Derek Chauvin’s trial. “It’s not justice, because justice is George Floyd going home tonight.”

Despite the clip just having started playing, Levin looked like he had enough of listening to AOC. He said that everyone being able to go home at night “is justice, too.”

“Justice is when you’re pulled over, and there not being a gun that’s part of that interaction because you have a headlight out,” AOC continued.

Exasperated, the lawyer decided to educate AOC on what justice is.

“Justice is [when] your school system is open and your teacher’s unions aren’t blocking the door—that’s justice,” Levin began. “Justice is the FBI in Washington, D.C., doesn’t go all over the country hunting down people who were at the January 6th rally who did nothing wrong, putting them in jail and trying to get plea deals out of them.”

“Justice isn’t accusing every Trump supporter of being an insurrectionist,” he continued. “Justice isn’t having an open border where little girls are being raped and abused because Joe Biden is inviting people to come into this country in violation of federal law—that’s not justice—and basically running internment camps down on the southern border. I’ll be the first one to say it. That’s what they look like to me. That’s not justice.”

“Justice isn’t trying to stuff the Supreme Court and destroy our Constitutional construct,” the lawyer added. “That’s not justice.

As he slowed down, Levin asked, “When’s the last time or the first time AOC came out against anybody who shot a cop? You know, those cops want to go home to their families, too. They have kids, too. Has she ever, ever said a damn thing on Instagram or on the floor of the House about a police officer and their family and their deaths? I’ve never heard it, have you?”

“She doesn’t know about justice,” Levin concluded.

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  1. Honestly . . . she is a jr. congresswoman who went from bartending to politics in one night. The press created this celebrity that everyone acts like what she says is any wister or more thought out than when a movie star or any other celebrity speaks out. It is ridiculous that folks act like she has even had time to become a serious voice. As long as they give her a mic however, I guess we will see her in a headline at least once a week.

  2. this woman and all liberals in general ,,they really dont know what the general population thinks or believe in

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