Another State Passes New Election Laws: The Dems Lose Their Minds…


Unfortunately for the Democrats, Montana has joined other red states in passing a new election law to guarantee the integrity of the coming elections.


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Forbes reported that on Monday, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed two voting bills into law. One law prohibits anyone from registering to vote on Election Day, while the other law ends a previous rule that allows students to use their student IDs to vote. Now, students need a second form of identification to vote. Additionally, because of the new laws, Montana citizens must now register to vote before noon on the Monday before the day of the election.

In response to the signing of the laws, the Montana Democratic Party sued Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen in an attempt to overturn the measures. The left argued in court that the new laws “pose an illegal undue burden on people’s right to vote.”

According to them, young voters and those who are used to registering on Election Day—elderly, disabled, and Indigenous communities—will have the most difficulty from the new laws. This may be true, but isn’t a false election result more of an “illegal undue burden”?

Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, and Texas have all passed election integrity laws this year. We can expect many more states to follow despite the left’s attempts to prevent them from doing so.

After all, why does the left need to stop them from signing these laws if they don’t have anything to hide?

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