Another Mass Shooting that Mainstream Media Won’t Cover


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Just last week, a black man wearing a “Justice for Breonna Taylor” shirt walked into a Louisville bar and randomly shot 3 people.

READ: BLM Man Walks into A Louisville Bar and Murders 3 People

This week, it’s a mass shooting in Rochester, New York. The city had rarely been featured on the national news until an “Abolish the Police” movement started up in Rochester after Daniel Prude’s death.


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But now, they’re on the news for a different reason. 

Just after midnight on Saturday, two people were killed and another fourteen were shot at a massive party. The details remain unclear until now.

On the day of the incident, Elijah Schaffer posted on Twitter regarding the incident. His caption included:

“This is the same city fighting to defund the police and stop new precincts from being built.

And the same BLM/Antifa protesters who assaulted and threatened to kill me.”

In the afternoon of the day of the incident, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle cleared up the details regarding the incident. 

The two who died were identified as Jaquayla Young and Jarvis Alexander. They were both 2019 high school graduates. The other victims who were injured were mostly aged from their mid-teens to late twenties. 

According to the police, both of them were innocent bystanders at a house party that grew out of control. An argument allegedly broke out, which led to shooting, involving multiple guns and more than 40 rounds fired.

In the early morning, East High students were calling teachers and school administrators to relay their traumatic accounts of the mayhem.

Where could high school graduates at a house party have hidden guns — multiple at that?

This was just another incident of gang violence that often takes place when a party grows too large and out-of-place people get in unnoticed. One witness had described that the party as it started, was much smaller, but two other parties in the neighborhood had migrated to theirs, which made the number of attendees add up to nearly 200.

That was when the trouble began. The police are still searching for an unknown number of suspects. With that many people in attendance, you’d think at least one would have seen someone, but apparently not.

Free The People Roc is an anti-cop protest organization that reacted to the incident and the bloodshed. Want to take a guess who they put the blame on to?

“All of us deserve to live violence-free lives, but that’s impossible when people lack stable housing, fully funded schools, and well-paying jobs. It’s impossible when we invest more in police from the suburbs than the youth in our own neighborhoods. This is a wake-up call to radically shift our priorities and invest in the people of this city.”

Now the anti-cop movement is blaming gang violence on the failure to defund the police, and are calling for transferring the police department’s budget into “investing in the people,” but only they know what it means.

In the end, this shooting doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Daniel Prude’s death. The city has now seen more shootings with multiple victims this year than it did over the entirety of last year.

This was just another tragic incident in a city that can’t seem to get its gang violence problem under control.

Until they do so — which will not happen if they choose to defund the police — incidents like this will just keep happening.

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