An Eyewitness Reveals What They Saw at the DC Riot


Image credit to Ken Lund. Image modified from original.

According to the American Thinker, it may be weeks yet before we fully understand the fallout from the January 6, 2021 storming of the Capitol building.


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However, the consensus from conservative talk radio hosts and editors is that the event gave Trump’s enemies the advantage and gave some Republicans an excuse to abandon objecting to Biden’s electors’ certification.

According to the website “” that went blank not long after the DC riot, the original plan was to gather at the Whitehouse Ellipse from 9 am to 12 pm, then gather at the north lawn of the Capitol building at 1 pm. However, this plan was not followed.

Antonio R. Chaves on the American Thinker shared what he experienced on the day of the DC riot.

According to him, most Ellipse participants were friendly and in good spirits, just as they had been in other “Stop the steal” rallies that he had attended on November 14 and December 12. Most attendees were white, and while most non-whites were Asian, some African-Americans were in the crowd.

Chaves claims that the most unusual thing about the January 6 rally compared to the previous ones was the frequent smell of marijuana.

Although Chaves and his group were present for most of President Trump’s speech, they could not hear it clearly and ultimately decided to walk to the National Mall searching for a bathroom. They were able to find a porta-potty with a line of about 20-30 people. Although the wait took only 20 minutes, it was overflowing. Chaves believes that the D.C. mayor wanted to make it less comfortable for Trump supporters.

On their way back to the Capitol building, Chaves and his group got caught up in the march. As they got closer to the building, he saw no people moving to the north lawn previously planned.

That was when, according to Chaves, young people started to climb the stairs of the Capitol and the inauguration bleachers. As Chaves and his group got closer to the building, he saw that the metal barricades had been pushed aside.

According to Chaves, he was not aware that anyone had entered the building until someone told him gleefully that Congress had evacuated the chambers and that the vote was delayed.

At around 4 pm, Chaves started to leave.

Although he did not witness any of the violence first-hand, Chaves does not doubt that dozens — possibly even hundreds — of Antifa members had infiltrated the rally.

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