Americans are Rising Up Against Massive Voter Fraud


Image Screenshot From Dr. Steve Turley YouTube Video Below.

Can you believe Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won over Republican Donald Trump, who obviously has more supporters? Well, it happened.

Still, Americans simply won’t take this obvious Democrat voter fraud sitting down. Several demonstrations took place at key election counting centers. These demonstrations are turning up the heat on corrupt ballot counters and electors, and how the media is trying but failing to cover up this massive fraud.

Dr. Steve Turley sat down to speak about these demonstrations happening across the whole country, seeking to put an end to the blatant Democrat voting fraud.


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In the early morning hours of the election, it looked like President Trump already had his re-election in the bag. He had about two hundred ninety five electoral votes. He was leading by hundreds of thousands of votes in Michigan and Wisconsin, and let’s not forget about his huge lead in Pennsylvania.

According to Dr. Turley, everyone could’ve gone to bed that night and rested easy to wake up in the morning and watch Joe Biden conceding. But for some reason, all of America woke up the next morning to see that hundreds of thousands of votes had mysteriously come out of nowhere, almost 100% of which were for Biden.

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If there was nothing fishy going on, why would it happen while everyone was asleep? That’s how Joe Biden wins Wisconsin and Michigan.

The mainstream media is telling us that there’s nothing out of place going on. According to them, there’s no evidence of voter fraud. Who would believe them when it’s so obvious that there’s voter fraud happening, even without the evidence of election rigging?

In one such demonstration, the crowd was chanting “Fox News source.” The reason behind that is that Fox News called Arizona for Biden even though not a single vote had been counted yet. Fox News refrained from calling Texas for hours. Trump won over Florida by 3.5%, and Fox News decided to sit on Florida for hours. But when it comes to Joe Biden, they call Arizona for him even before the counting is finished.

In one video, a Republican stood in front of the crowd, saying, “This is not a fair election. This is a joke. This is this is bullying. This is intimidation. This is to steal the election.” Of course, the Democrats replied by saying that it’s a fair election.

But the question is, where was the mainstream media when all of this was happening? Dr. Turley said, “They lied to us about the campaign. They lied to us about Russia, and now they’re lying to us about the campaign’s aftermath. That’s all they do at this point.”

“So the fantastic news is that whether it’s in the form of mass protests at election departments or whether it’s simply forwarding videos of blatant vote tampering and flooding the Internet with obvious evidence of election rigging for everyone to see, Americans are indeed rising up and challenging head on this democratic media attempt at stealing this election,” Dr. Turley concluded. “We’re not going to let them do it.”

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