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Ben Shapiro – Hammer thrower Gwen Berry goes viral for placing third at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials and turning away from the American flag as the National Anthem played. Shapiro weighs in.

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Why is she even representing America in the Olympics if she doesn’t like America?!!!

If you hate the United States, don’t represent us. Sincerely, – Real Americans

They complain about how “intolerant” America is while ignoring the fact that ONLY America would tolerate our Olympic athletes disrespecting our country…Tropes

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  1. Well she is exactly what the left have created. Entitled mentality that is beyond absurd to any intelligent mind.

  2. Did he actually read it, or just believing what told. What a waste promoting America! We don’t sing it because it might offend England. What does that have to do with slavery?

  3. She’s there to represent our country if she won’t stand for the flag then send her ass home no questions asked what’s wrong with you guys putting up with that it’s not a football game

  4. It`s not about the anthem or the flag It`s about her she needs the attention. That is what a narcissistic person wants is to have all the attention on them. Being in third place does not help her get all the attention she craves so she uses another ploy to get more attention


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