America Allowed these COVID Dictators to Happen


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Sen. Rand Paul said Americans should really push back on governors who have turned dictators with their subsequent lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions.

“You know, nobody ever intended that governors would be czars or dictators in charge of the economy,” Sen. Paul told Newsmax on Christmas morning.

“In my state, you can’t have indoor dining, you can’t have outdoor dining, and your kids are not in school. We’re worse than New York City right now,” Paul said, adding that in Kentucky, the government shut down the schools even when evidence shows there’s no surge when schools open.

According to The Epoch Times, several governors have shut down small businesses due to surges in COVID-19 cases among the residents. In return, citizens and small business owners pushed back the states, claiming they are already in financial crisis and need to make a living.

Restaurant owners in New York state were ordered to stop indoor dining in mid-December. Governor Cuomo’s order prevailed despite the cries of the restaurant industry. The industry has earlier warned about holiday-season layoffs should the federal government pass an additional CCP relief package.

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Several have left states like New York and California due to pandemic restrictions. According to preliminary Census Bureau data, the biggest population drop was recorded this year, with at least 126,000 people moved out of the New York state.

Sen. Paul also criticized the governors who continue to restrict mostly the small business activities due to the CARES Act funding that they have been given, along with another federal stimulus spending.

“The only thing that will get [New York City Mayor Bill] de Blasio and [New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo to finally open up is when they run out of other people’s money,” added Paul.

The senator added that what the state leaders must do is balance public health concerns that don’t disregard constitutional rights.

“I lost two good friends this week to the virus. I’m not saying it’s not deadly,” said Paul.

He explained that he wouldn’t mandate to close the church nor religious schools but would instead only advise the elder not to go out yet.

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