Allen West Sets the Record Straight on ‘Secession’


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What’s really appalling about our political divide is that it always stems from the left party’s inability to be truthful. Democrats have been accusing President Trump and his allies of lying when it’s, in fact, the other way around. 

The liberal media weaved words again just days ago when Texas Republican Party head and former Florida congressman Allen West commented on a Supreme Court’s decision to scrap the Texas lawsuit. 

According to the high court, Texas didn’t have “standing” to sue the four battleground states for unconstitutionally changing voting rules and procedures before the national election. The changes have very likely affected the presidential race results. West then commented that perhaps the Lone Star State should “bond together” with the other “law-abiding states. 

Apparently, the left claimed it was a call for “secession,” although the former congressman never said that.

On Monday, West issued a statement ahead of the electors meet to vote for Joe Biden and addressed the phony claim. 

“I issued a response to the decision, this past Friday, by our US Supreme Court declining to hear the case brought forth by the State of Texas and enjoined by 17 other states,” West began. He said that some believed he has “no business responding to the decision.” 

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West said it was humorous since he is the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and a retired US Army officer who served for 22 years. Apparently, it was his closing sentence that sent the critics into a delusional fit.

“Perhaps law-abiding States should band together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution,” said West in the statement.

He argued the words are from the same ideas in the Constitution Preamble to form a perfect Union. 

“I am still trying to find where I said anything about ‘secession.’”

The former officer then alleges the real secession perpetrators are the swing states sued by Texas, who performed illegal and unconstitutional actions that violated the election laws. 

He added it’s time to study our founding documents and understand the fundamental principles and values.

West continued that the law articulates several roles, powers, and responsibilities in a Republican form of government. The courts and executive branch do not have the power to create laws nor change them.

West concluded, “We are not a constitutional monarchy to be ruled by mandates, orders, decrees, and edicts.” 

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