Alec Baldwin Wants Trump to be Violently Punished


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Radical-left actor Alec Baldwin tweeted on Sunday calling for President Trump’s violent punishment “if he refuses to concede.”

“Who arrests Trump if he refuses to concede? Who drags him out?” the actor asked using his Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation Twitter account. 

The tweet escalated and became extremely violent.

“Pepper spray? Cuffs?” asked the radical-left actor as he bizarrely relates the situation to George Floyd’s death.

“A knee on his neck, cutting off his oxygen?” continued Baldwin. “Does he wheeze ‘I can’t breathe.’”

The actor also referred to 1991’s beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles. He said the same should be done to President Trump.

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“Whale away on him like a piñata? Rodney King-style?” asked Baldwin, adding what would the president deserve as a “thug who has destroyed the country.”

The outrageous comments got worse when the actor’s similarly radical-left followers joined in.

According to Breitbart, Twitter has yet to reprimand nor remove Baldwin’s post. The giant social media platform seems to lean toward the left again despite its policy of banning posts and deactivating accounts for promoting defamation and violence. Baldwin’s vicious message has successfully roused his followers. 

“I’ll take x – all the above Alec, for the win. (and enjoyment),” one Twitter user replied.

He deserves all you stated – one by one and slowly with great care to do it right,” another replied.

“Mr. Baldwin, you hit the nail on the head all of the above and more,” another follower reiterated.

“No. No kindness, no mercy,” another user wrote, adding, “He deserves to be shoved up against a wall and shot.

”Another user also shared a guillotine assembly and operating instructions image. 

However, not everyone was amused by Baldwin’s threats to the president.

“You’re a completely delusional son,” one Twitter user wrote while advising the actor to get professional help since he seems to be clinically insane.

“I enjoy your comedy for the most part. Seriously get help. Please!!”

Another user asked the actor if he is delusional, while another dared him to make all his threat “if you have the guts,” adding Trump is the best POTUS we ever had.

President Trump has already declared to leave the White House if Joe Biden would win thru the Electoral College votes. However, that still hasn’t stopped Baldwin to threaten the president.  

Baldwin has appeared in late-night TV roles mocking and playing as the POTUS. Saturday Night Live tapped Baldwin to play Trump during the 42nd season’s premiere. He then mocked the president in the October 2016 first presidential debate and continued to play him throughout Trump’s term.   

The radical-left actor’s tweets weren’t the first in which he made extreme statements.

In November, Baldwin again called for President Trump’s burial in a Nazi graveyard with a Swastika on his grave. Two months before that, he referred to the president as a “fascist whore” whom he cried out to remove “from our lives.” 

Baldwin must truly have mental illness as he can be recalled to have smeared the Americans who appeared at the Republican National Convention. He claimed they were all high on drugs.

The actor also declared that anyone who would vote for Trump in the 2020 election has a mental illness.

Call the doctor, Baldwin. 

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