AG Reyes Claims Compromised Election Process Will Support Trump


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As soon as Sean Reyes was reelected as Utah’s Attorney General, he declared taking a personal leave to assist in President Trump’s campaign’s claim of a “compromised” election.


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On Friday morning…The attorney general tweeted:

“On personal leave time to help prepare and support litigation in several states dealing with compromised election process.”
Reyes didn’t specify the states where he would be assisting Trump.

The president has made several accusations since election night of a compromised process. Some of the lawsuits filed by his lawyers have already been dismissed. Several have been filed in most states where the president is trailing.

Reyes wrote in another tweet that Trump will win the presidential seat “if only verified, #legal votes are counted.” He said he would help make it happen and the courts will decide on the issue.

However, later Friday, Reyes seemed to take back his words and started to explain his “personal leave” and his claims on a “compromised” election.

“I am not taking a leave of absence from the AG’s Office,” Reyes wrote. He explained to take a personal weekend to support and help review and advise on the potential lawsuits, ensuring that all legal votes are counted.

The AG said he does not believe that all votes are fraudulent and praised the election workers in ensuring a fair process. He said some of the error were innocent yet others appear intentional. On either case, he encourages a review and remedy to the irregularities.

Reyes defeated Dem challenger Greg Skordas on Tuesday. He is the state’s co-chair for the Trump 2020 campaign and an avid supporter of the president.

Skordas appeared in an interview with FOX 13 and said that the voting system showed the mail-in ballot system works.

“These lawsuits that are being brought federally are in bad faith, they have no merit and frankly they’re an insult to the American public,” Skordas told the outlet.

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