ABC is Upset that a Rapper Was Detained After Gun Brandished at Trump Supporters


Image Screenshot From Good Morning America YouTube Video Below.

Anti-Trump hosts on ABC’s Good Morning America did not hide dismay after rapper Offset’s detention by Beverly Hills police Saturday.

Dan Harris, co-anchor of the show, announced to start the half-hour with rapper Offset’s detention after an alleged conflict with Trump supporters. Harris immediately handed it over to Zohreen Shah, Los Angeles correspondent.


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“Right here in Beverly Hills, rapper Offset allegedly clashing with Trump supporters. His wife, Cardi B, hours before documenting pro-Trump demonstrators in the area,” Shad reported.

Shah noted that the 28-year-old rapper was streaming on Instagram Live with over 30,000 viewers when stopped by the Beverly Hills police.
The correspondent made it appear as if the rapper was the one wronged, playing the confrontation between the police and Offset, who refused to get out of his car.

Later on, Shah admitted why the rapper was pulled over only after playing the argument with the police.

“In a statement, officials say they received information of somebody pointing a weapon at a passerby,” the reporter reluctantly said.

“The person gave police a license plate number to the vehicle, and the vehicle was stopped by patrol units a short distance away,’” she continued.

Daily Mail reported Offset tried to use his popularity as an excuse, saying, “I’m a fucking celebrity, do you know who I am? I’m Offset from Migos. You told me to put my hands up. I’m not doing that. There are 25,000 people [watching] on my live stream. You’re gonna get sued publicly.”

Shah reported the rapper’s claim that someone allegedly struck his car with a flag. However, no evidence was gathered of that purported incident, yet, Shah flashed images of Trump supporters waving and carrying flags. 

Meanwhile, Marcelo Almanzar (Cardi B’s cousin), who was a passenger in Offset’s car, was arrested by the police for “carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm in public,” Shah then reported.

The correspondent wrapped up her report with Offset’s publicist line, encouraging the people to vote for Joe Biden. 

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