A Revenge Plan for Gov Cuomo


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New York City Governor Cuomo’s opulent days seem to have stopped for a while, as several NYC restaurants currently call to ban the governor from guesting in their establishments.

Cuomo recently released another restriction and banned indoor dining for the second time in early December. The governor’s order sparked outrage across several business people, prompting them to ban him in the restaurants in return.

ZeroHedge reported at least half of the city’s restaurants are in danger of closing. Shallow temperatures and snowstorms have deterred patrons from dining outdoors. And with the second-time ban on indoor dining, the restaurants’ services would be limited to only take-out and delivery.

The food chains are furious with Cuomo’s outrageous latest decision because only 1.3 percent of COVID-19 cases originated from the eateries over the last three months.

“This is insane,” said the founder of the tapas chain Boqueria Yann de Rochefort.

“They are basically shutting down industry and throwing thousands of people out of work because restaurants were linked to 1.4 percent of cases? It is criminal.”

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Restaurant operators could only take so much as several have already permanently shut down. Others are also at risk of losing everything and are only struggling to stay operational.

According to The Coney Island Blog, the outraged restaurateurs now call to ban Cuomo from eating at their restaurants city-wide permanently.

“He can eat at some sh—- roadside diner outside of Albany, but he will not be served anywhere in New York City, known universally as the world’s greatest dining destination! If he has to use the restroom, he can go pee on my street-corner,” Larry Baird, a bar owner, told the blog.

“NYC Restaurant Open” Facebook group members who are largely bar and restaurant owners from the city support the Cuomo city-wide ban.

“He should be banned from every restaurant bar etc., he’s a scumbag f**k you Cuomo and de Blasio,” said one group member.

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