A Breakdown of Biden’s Pricey Infrastructure Bill



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Newsmax TV – President of American Restoration Center examines the Biden Infrastructure plan, AOC’s demand to spend over $10 trillion on ‘green initiatives’ and more via – Newsmax TV’s ‘Spicer & Co.’

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Biden just couldn’t wait to drive US to the ground. I guess his China boss tells him to hurry up, else he will lose “10% for the big guy”

When I was in kindergarten my mom warned me to not get in to the refrigerator to drink up all of the cool-aid. So, when she wasn’t looking I would sneak into the kitchen and pour myself a glass of that neon sugar refreshment. I would then take the pitcher to the sink to refill it back to the full level and place it back in the fridge. After a few times of this the drink became dull and bland, like drinking water. My first life lesson in economics.

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