A Black Man Gets Out of His Truck to Confront Black Lives Matter Protesters


Image Screenshot From Ian Miles Cheong Twitter Post Below.

On Thursday, a black driver confronted a large group of Black Lives Matter protesters who were blocking the street in Tacoma, Washington. The video showing the whole incident has since gone viral.

The video started with the driver, who was wearing a red shirt, jeans, and a dark baseball cap, standing next to his car. The truck was stopped at an intersection, which the protesters seem to have blocked. The protesters are yelling at him, and he’s yelling right back at them.

Most of the words exchanged are unclear and can’t be understood, but it appears that the angry driver was telling the protesters that their oppressive acts are negatively affecting those they supposedly care about — the black lives.


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“I’m blacker than you!” the driver yelled at the group. “I’m blacker than you!”

One of the protesters can be heard telling everyone to “de-escalate!” but when she started fearing for the safety of her comrades, she turned and yelled at the driver to “stop,” and to “just get in your f***king truck and go!”

As the video continues, the situation heated up even more as other black people took the driver’s side and also confronted the Black Lives Matter group.

The group of protesters had blocked the southbound Interstate 5 in Tacoma on Thursday evening. Before that, they had rallied in front of the Tacoma police headquarters. They had signs referencing Manuel Ellis, a Tacoma man who had died while being restrained by the Tacoma police in March.

According to the News Tribune, the protesters began moving down South Pine Street at 5:30 PM toward South 38th Street where they started blocking the traffic.

A police spokeswoman had told the Tribune that the group of protesters moved onto the I-5 after 7 PM.

Many of the same members in the group of protesters who were arguing with the driver at the intersection were also seen standing in the freeway lanes, chanting, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” and “No justice, no peace!”

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