93% of Military Votes in Georgia were for Biden?


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In at least two states, the military ballots suspiciously changed their votes — taking them away from President Trump, who they love, to the candidate who belittled them, Joe Biden.

In Detroit, military ballots always go to the Republicans. However, for this election,  the Republican poll watchers were locked out of the room when it was time to count them.

According to one individual who could get back into the room, all of the military ballots that she saw on the paper were on photocopied paper and were being recopied to ballots so they could be entered into the voting tabulators as Biden votes.

In Fulton County, Georgia, the same thing happened. According to the Gateway Pundit, all the military votes went to Joe Biden, which is statistically impossible.

A poll worker announced that somehow in Georgia, 93% of the military ballots were impossibly for Biden.

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