Watch: Pelosi Wants More Security? Why?


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Why does Nancy Pelosi feel the need for more security? Is this is the typical reaction of someone who is feeling like they may get what they’ve been dishing out? Or is this the latest in a never-ending array of political stunts?

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  1. Pelosi needs more security as she should be arrested for Insider Trading and go to Federal Prison like what was done to Martha Stewart. Her husband also was involved. Lock them up!

  2. Nasty Nancy the “Black, beady-eyed Mouse Face” with horse-shoe eyebrows, knows she will be hunted down for all her demonizing of Our Pres. Trump throughout his term in office. Pelosi truly is a “She Devil Demon-Rat” who will one day pay for all her terror she has dished out toward the American people!

  3. They the corrupted dems know that, with all the fowl crap yet to come they, will need lots of protection. That’s also why they want to take away are right to bare arms, which is also coming.

  4. She’s a corrupt douchbag and knows she has pissed off a lot of people. many of the political hacks she’s screwed over would like to see her permanently horizontal. Hillary would probably oblige if called upon!


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